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In today's complicated and fast-paced world, who has time to be an expert at every aspect of owning or managing a business? There are so many facets to a small business that occupy most of your day such as sales, marketing, finances, and not to mention doing the best work possible. The last thing on your mind is payroll or whether or not your payroll is in compliance with federal and state regulations. That is where Jill Simmons Payroll comes in and eases the stress, with over seventeen years experience in the payroll and accounting field. We remain current on all federal and state payroll laws and regulations. Jill Simmons Payroll will leave you feeling secure that your payroll and payroll taxes will be handled with precision and skill.

Competitive Rates

We also keep our rates low to stay competitive with the larger payroll companies. Every initial payroll consultation is free of charge and each quote of services is unique to the individual. Jill Simmons Payroll will tailor its services and rates to each client's needs. We are also offering a special bonus for all businesses who become new clients in 2017.

Just Jill

Jill started her own payroll business 16 years ago after working with an accounting firm for 8 years.  While at the accounting firm she took care of the payroll needs of  100+ business. Jill remains current on all federal and state payroll laws and regulations.

Prompt Local Service

Jill Simmons Payroll offers pickup and delivery in Central Oregon, facsimile, phones, or mail services. With an average one day turnover, we can quickly relieve the headaches caused from worrying over the timeliness of your payroll and payroll taxes. You can also be rest assured, that you're using a local company and keeping Central Oregon first.

We're Hiring!

Payroll assistant, part-time help needed: 20-30 hours a week.
Flexible schedule, basic computer skills and detail oriented are a must. We will train everything else. Starting at $14 an hour.
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At Jill Simmons Payroll, we know that our job is to relieve you of the burdens associated with payroll, payroll taxes, payroll processing, and making sure your payroll is in compliance with the federal and state regulations. Our goals are to save you time and money, and to keep you out of trouble with the IRS.

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